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Author Topic: Zombies in the Bluzone** [[CLOSING]]  (Read 322529 times)

Holy stuff, it's back...

Bluzone Official Website
Server Status Website

Zombies in the Bluzone, one of Blockland's biggest Role Play servers is back with all the things you loved and more.
Often, I got people telling me that they missed my server, they missed my roleplay, and asked when I would host it next. I'll admit, I felt the same way. That is why now I am hosting the server again! Because I have graduated from school, I'll be able to host more frequently, and at better hours for those in America.

The Bluzone started out actually as the Knazone, a game more focused as a zombie defense where players would need to venture out into a zombie infested field to gather gold to buy buildings for their base. Buildings included an armory, refinery, vehicle factory and even artillery cannons. It was really fun, but unfortunately died with a VCE update.

[/img]For a while, not much happened. I then started to work on the original Zombies in the Bluzone. This turned out to a be a huge project, bigger than any of the people involved first thought. It had a custom roleplay chatmod, radios, character name setting, in-depth character backgrounds, an entire city to play in, sewers, outlands... It took off really well and I guess received a pretty good reception. Eventually, it died out. The build got too big, administration became sloppy and I couldn't host as much.

I then stopped playing Blockland for a very long time.

After some time, I started playing and working again. Giving away small teasers as I went. I worked on it mostly on my own, and it went through alot of reform. I was taking into account everything I learnt from the first Bluzone, like keeping the areas small and interesting and having things there for players who don't feel like roleplaying. Eventually, I finished and Zombies in the Bluzone 2 was hosted. I was really taken away by its reception, having a constantly full server and players always telling me to host it.
It went on for a while, with players exploring the new world and uncovering all the new secrets and creating Bluzone's own story line.

Players actually worked with each other to create gameplay and extend the Bluzone's content. There were even events, such as zombie hordes, rogue snipers or military helicopters doing sweeps of the area. A constant epic feel took place, as players were involved in a real-live world that developed around them.

Now, I think it's time that Zombies in the Bluzone got another shot for us all to play again.

This is the general spawn area. Here you might find some poor level, if not still useful, guns. It's also a great place to get your ear in on the local gossip or latest news. You might also want to drop into the Bar for a quick chat and a cheap drink. Everyone is normally pretty friendly here, but just like everywhere else, it has it's ugly crowd. Occasional bandit and army raids and zombie hordes shadow over the survivor base, so while you may be having fun it's no reason to draw too much attention.

The east part of the wild territory is probably the safest part. Here you will find a fortified and rather secure camp site, a good place to regroup and maybe gather supplies. You'll also find the dangerous ravine, a ditch with zombies crawling through it. Goodies can be found down there, for anyone who dares to brave it. For those just wanting to pass over, however, there is a pipeline that runs across the top and provides a safe route- just be sure not to slip! Just next to this pipe on the east side, you'll also find access to the underground sewers.

The west side of the wild territory is the most dangerous, and consequently, the most valuable. There is a small abandoned town full of items and resources for you to take. The few buildings there are also good looting spots, and can be decent camp sites as well. However- Small clans of survivors often camp down there and can occasionally be a bit ugly toward outsiders. The west side, however, isn't a place to hang around for too long. There is a constant zombie mob that lurks on the outskirts and frequently wander into the town. The area is closely watched by the military, too and bombardments from mortars isn't uncommon. Just past the town you'll find a small construction site which leads into an excavation site. The excavation site provides a good camping spot, but being the shape it is you're essentially in a ditch and trapped if a sniper or mortar spots you. In the middle of the site is a hatch, leading to the mysterious underground labs.

The Underground Labs. Not much is known about this area, except for the strange happenings and stories that come out. Survivors getting ripped limb-from-limb by monsters, mysterious sounds scoring from the hallways and people going insane from spending too much time down there. The Underground Labs is a place for those who are true adventurers, but bravery and stupidity do share quite alot in common. Those who enter continue at their own risk, as radio communication is difficult from the underground. It isn't uncommon for packs of survivors to venture down, in hopes to loot but many don't return. What lays behind alot of the locked doors is a mystery to many, but rumors have it there is access to a secret hideout through some air vents- if you don't mind getting your feet wet.

Soon to come:

Central America 1999,
Green Peace protesters raid an isolated laboratory researching increasing the lifespan artificially on livestock in an effort to stop animal testing. 6 sheep and 3 rats are released, all unknowingly infected.
One of the rats make their way to a nearby town, Hillside Terrace, where it is run over and washed away to the gutter, where it is fed on by a feral cat.

Central America 2001,
The cat breeds and produces a diseased litter. A young girl is bitten by one of the litter and comes down with a fever and soon she would fall into a deathly coma. The coma lasted three days. When she awoke his father and mother were by her bedside. She was overtaken by an indescribable rage, lashing out and biting her parents making them infected. Within minutes, the hospital was intoxicated with the unknown virus and quickly quarantined. Scientists were puzzled.

Central America 2003,
The whole town of Hillside Terrace closes as scientists and researches basically give up. The military takes over, creating a strict cordon of the area. The town was bombarded by artillery in an attempt to purge the area of the infected. Instead, it caused an uprising and the local military force was completely overthrown.

Central America 2004,
After being initially overthrown, the military increased the cordon and demanded all residents within the area evacuate immediately. Most obliged, but some refused to be driven out for whatever reason. These people eventually became the survivors, moving into the largest and probably safest building in the town; Knaztek Times. A newspaper agency. To persuade them further and hopefully besiege the town, the military had cut the water supply. This was effective for some time until the survivors found an alternate water route and spring. This new water was not infected, but was still boiled in any case.

The virus eventually spread to other countries, and slowly took over the world. Cells of survivors cropped up everywhere as each country tried to contain control, but to little hope.

Central America, 2008
A few years had passed, and the military was getting desperate and began employing a scorched earth strategy. While this was effective in many areas, in others it just made more room for the infected and damaged the remaining surviving cells within the cordon. The outside world, also, is finally showing signs of recovery where isolated countries such as New Zealand are almost completely free of the infection while others such as America, Russia, Australia, Europe and Asia have a long way to go. Hillside Terrace, the town in which this role play takes place, is showed no sign of recovery and was completed razed to the ground by continuous bombardment. The city is no more, and the remaining survivors were forced to the outlands and rugged surrounding landscape.

Central America, 2010
A small group of survivors come across an abandoned military checkpoint, utilizing its facilities. With clean running water, long wave radio transmitter and shelter, it was a safe haven. It's location, within a crater-like gorge, made it a black spot on radars and difficult to locate with thermal-optics. One of the three generators were still in an operational condition, and the survivors made use of this, calling people toward their location.
This place became the survivor base, a small community where many excel to go.

Continued in next post...
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This is a list of all official in-game events. These events are things that influence or drive the game's story onward, so basically important stuff that's happened. Click on the links to be taken to the post with further details.

Occasionally events may take a while to upload/update, so be sure to check back and keep an eye on the thread to be sure you're up-todate with events.

Remember- meta-gaming is bannable!

The survivor base blacks out, as a carpet bombing run is heard nearby.

A dark beast begins lurking around the survivor camps.

The monster claims its first blood, a poor survivor who fell off the pipeline.

Experienced and admired survivor, Lukas "Kniaz" Byrne hangs himself. Rumors spread about his death, and the survivors split into two groups.

A group of survivors move to the underground to live. The military pulls back, and the beast at night seems to be oddly passive all of a sudden. Tyler is nominated leader of the survivors who stayed at the base and did not split.

Tensions rise again, as Tyler begins an espionage mission against the survivors underground.

Protagonist character Vincent Foreman leaves the Bluzone.

Tyler's espionage mission is a failure, as an informant passed information onto the underground survivors. Abram Terger somehow manages to tame the night monster, and treats him like a pet. Due his paranoia, Terger goes insane and attacks two survivors. Tyler and Christopher McCloud, a member of the underground survivors, have a show down. Tyler is shot and killed.

Abram Terger is tracked down and killed.

Survivors find the Mutalid over Abram's body. Curiously, the beast seems to be defensive of the corpse, and shows an emotional attachment to the man. Abram leaves behind a tape recorder, with pre-recorded messages for a few selected survivors.
Abram's corpse disappears, a trail of blood leading into the Underground Labs.
Christine and Christopher agree to go searching for his corpse, much to their surprise they find his body inside a tube filled with an old strain of the Mutagen virus.
Abram has cheated death, reviving himself through use of Mutagen.
A helicopter crashes in the Bluzone and Peter McTier, a friendly if not shaken up soldier from the UN is found.
Abram is cornered by Christopher and shot.
He gets buried, but he isn't dead. Abram manages to dig himself out of his grave.
Abram captures Christopher and tortures him, hiding deep in the labs where no rescue can arrive.
Survivor, Katherine, is forced to shoot an infected comrade. She spirals into depression, but is aided by Abram.
Alex Feiki is shot by a sniper.

Somehow, Abram returns... But he isn't quite himself...

Alex Feiki is found dead outside the Excavation site. Cause of death is uncertain.

Marley and Chris find coffee.

A survivor disappears, Abram Terger attacks Christine. The Survivor Base is attacked by a pair of Mutalids.

A group of survivors go looting in the Wild Territory.

Some survivors stumble across a series of caves, and abandoned helipad.

Peter, Alek, Jonothan and Pip discover some revolutionary files that could change anything on a working computer. They take a vow of silence and hide the files.

Christopher manipulates Peter, and attempts to assasinate Abram Terger but to no avail. Instead, Christopher is killed and Peter injured. The labs are set ablaze.

The Bluzone is hit by a harsh storm.

An Apache sweeping the Bluzone is convinced to land. A baby Mutalid is killed, infuriating the mother and instigating a large brawl.

A bomber attacks the Survivor Base.

A new area, Gammaton, is discovered

A contending military force appears in the Bluzone, the survivors get running water in Gammaton and Lee Hanson is killed.

This lists pertains all head-honchos of the Bluzone. Click the links to be taken to their RtB page. If it goes out of date, please remember to remind me!

Kniaz (Creator/Host) ID - 672
Lugnut (Co-Host/Head Scripter) ID - 16807

Awdax (Super-Admin) ID - 30584
Electrk (Super-Admin) ID - 12949
Kaphonaits (Super-Admin) ID - 1726
IkeTheGeneric (Super-Admin) ID - 18600
Capt'n (Super-Admin) ID - 33865

Mr. Jelly (Admin) ID - 10828
Dr. Kirby (Admin) ID - 20525
RingsOfSaturn (Admin) ID - 9881
Nikki (Admin) ID - 1779
Gentoo (Admin) ID - 8048
Syntho (Admin) ID - 7286
Ceist (Admin) ID - 14139

-Re-did a few things in OP, removed character list and added New/Update section.
-Also added a link to http://bluzone.no-ip.org/ in the OP.
-Expect a new way to list your character and bio some time soon- special thanks to Lugnut for that :)
-Increased player limit from 12 to 16

-New poll regarding hand-to-hand combat

-New poll about zombie types

-Server Updated
-Three new areas, Canyon, Cavern and Deep Cavern are added
-Underground Labs extended
-Melee weapons are added, and Left4Block shove is removed
-Players now get a 'fist' item when leaving spawn, as a default melee weapon
-Updated the in-game events to include Kaphonaits' and Awdax's post

-Bluzone Classic save released, get it here

-New poll added about favourite areas
-Storyline updated

-Added server status to OP
-New area officially named Gammaton

-Added new poll regarding hosting times

-Added an Admin list to OP

-Ambient sounds are announced
-OP gets adjusted
-Gallery removed

-IkeTheGeneric is promoted to Super Admin

-Bluzone Mega-Update is finished and changelist is posted here.

Capt'n promoted to Admin

-New poll added

-Capt'n promoted to Super Admin
-Admin list updated

-Bluzone's first official competition opens.

So that's about it. This thread is for general discussion about the server, updates, pictures and all that jazz.
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Wanted to join earlier but was full. :c

Wanted to join earlier but was full. :c

Aye, I'm gonna be expecting to get that quite a bit ._.

But thankyou :3

If you have pretty pictures, please post them in the thread! If they're totally righteous and awesome, I'll put them in OP.

Nah I'm clean out of screenshots. :u

I'll take some when you host again. :3

Awesome! I wanted to take DOFs of people, but I can't due to hosting :c

Holy crap, this sounds fun.

If I'm not on the server tomorrow morning slap me in the face with an IRC.

If I'm not on the server tomorrow morning slap me in the face with an IRC.

Will do! I'll add you on IRC, too. Is your forum name the same as your RtB Connect, name?

Gah, I didn't get any pictures today when the army did a patrol with an Apache :c
Anyone playing today get some good pictures of that? If not, I might need to do it again tomorrow ;)

This is my favorite zombie survival

Yeah, my forums, RTB/IRC, and in-game names are all the same.
Since IRC categorizes a period higher than an A, when I'm online I should be right at the top of the list.

Neat, will check it later.

Haha, well thank you. I'm hosting right now, too! I just added a few events as well. I've started using Adjustable Plate, so expect some interesting things to happen...
Good luck sleeping ;)

I remember seeing the original topic back when I joined. It looked like fun but you said the project was dead. Great to have a chance to play it!

Server has been really laggy for me. Spikes a lot.