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Btw if you find a good image from google earth, likely just a few islands in middle of the sea and as seamless image as possible.
please let me know about the location or send me the texture.

Nice map and I think it might be.

No, you just don't know Blockland will not write to a ZIP.
It still says that: Terrain file ''' is read only, even if the file is not a zip.

can you upload this to RTB because I am too lazy

At least it requres 1 update before posting to RTB.

That's not what I'm talking about, genius.

What made you think I was talking to you?

Epic. This is a map I have never seen before.

totally downloading this

At least v21 won't rape Blocko airlines now.  :cookieMonster:
Shat. Im using this for my B-17 Role Play...
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i have not tried this out yet, but could you make a version where the houses are still and clouds move slow?

also will you release on rtb?