Author Topic: It's 101 Degrees Here  (Read 1965 times)

120 here in Missouri. forget ya'll.

97-105 here in Nebraska.

loving monday heat wave

120 here in Missouri. forget ya'll.
Seriously. How the forget is it 120 in Missouri

Air conditioner in my room is broken, was 126 in here yesterday.

103 - 104 fahrenheit here i believe

but i have a fever so im freezing cold ;~;

It was 102 a couple days ago here in Illinois, next door to Saint Louis.

People, why do people keep posting in celsius.
I don't understand celsius, I understand Fahrenheit.

Is that why they call you Mr. Fahrenheit?

It was 107 Degrees here.

'Tis around 105-115.

Please help me.

37 Degrees Celsius here
I think that's good?

was 104 in detroit area few days ago. plus i don't have central air. just a desk fan...
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