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If I'm going to be honest, it still doesn't look like much even if it is fast and above a city.

but the main thing is that it's in VR
it may not look like much just on a flat screen a reasonable distance away from u but when that screen is wrapped around ur eyes in 3D and ur able to look around in it by just moving ur head while sitting on a thing that tilts along with the slide it's a whole different experience to someone who's not used to that kinda thing
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I know everyone has a different opinion on things, but it looks more cool than scary tbh.

It definitely feels closer to what he was feeling. Normal locomotion in vr for walking makes you move yourself for the first time as if you are being pushed by someone or like you're on a conveyor belt. That's with visual alone and this guy got way faster visuals and a moving seat so.

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Actual concept art for The Last Jedi

if you listen to this video you will die instantly
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For the first 3 seconds I was thinking it's not that bad.
Then my soul was falling down a staircase for the rest of the video.
Then the violin would kick in and I'd be fine.
It really is a vicious cycle.