Author Topic: Technitrium: MasterRockets loots underwear from old people's drawers!  (Read 10515 times)

* Lance hangs down from the ceiling above them where I was being a sneaky assassin and hanging out.

Lance: Hello Gentlemen.

Jack: Oh god, that freaked me out. Don't do that again please.
Lance: I'll try to keep it to a minimum.
Purple: Guys we need to discuss about this place we are in, and what we are going to do.

A robot girl uplinked with a lizard? Lizard has no visible means of text messaging unless he's a cyborg lizard human? Lizard with JPEG artifacts? The forget?


Name: Duncan Semico
Race: Cyborg (can't you tell from the antenna?)
Class: Mechanic
Items: Bolt revolver x2, In-built allpurpose headset, Basic bolt round magazine (20b) x6
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* jump down, but keep my rope.

"do we heave any standing orders?  An objective?"

* masterockets takes a couch cushion, and turns it into a plush cape

* Lance jumps down from the rope, and stuffs it in his suit.
Lance: Anyways, do we heave any objectives at the moment? I would suppose we would start tomorrow.

Jack: Hey i'm just going to make myself a cape here.
No response

Jack: Nice.

sorry for small pics i forgot to resize :/

Menen: Murder masterockets

Menen: Murder masterockets
Friendly Fire is disabled 3:

Menen: Murder masterockets
"Just because I look cooler than you"

>Friendly fire: Enable itself because realistic

Jack: Why so murderous now, Menen? Just because I look cooler than you?

Menen: No capes!
Jack: Alright fine, if you insist, i'll take it off.
Purple: Guys, we should get some shut-eye, we can explore around tomorrow.

* The house rumbles and starts cracking
Everybody: Woah, whats that?

Evil reptile mutant appeared! Think fast!

Throw other reptile guy. The giant monster is obviously looking for a mate