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I am now okay with v21

gg badspot

It looks like it could almost be a render. That's really cool.

Holy stuff a new thread in Development.

So hyped right now.  I might actually start playing Blockland again on a regular basis if this ever comes out.

this update also means that rtb in v21 is gonna have the maps area renamed to textures with nothing in it.



Actually, I have two questions.  This looks like a tool to replace maps entirely, since the options are so customizable.  So,

1)  Are we losing all slate maps to this new tool?
2)  If the above is true, will we still be able to name our maps so that they will be seen on the server list?
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[...] clients that connect to your server will downloand see all custom textures.

Might want to do something about that.

Sweet jenga blocks!

This is incredible.

holy forget, i just came

To badspot: Keep up the good work i like the work you guy are doing, So far i really like this new update, I hope you guys can get it done soon! -

    Anyways, I like this environmental Control system it looks really neat. Keep up the Work guys! cookie for you  :cookie:
P.S, When i saw the video my jaw allmost broke lol, 
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