Author Topic: 2012/08/09 - Shader Update Released  (Read 128010 times)

Holy stuff! Thank you, Blockland development team!

Why can't I hold all this excitement.
EDIT: It's not starting up asfdsfa
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What are you doing exactly?  If I click "cancel" on the connection attempt gui, I go back to the server browser.  If I exit the server browser the menu works.
also, blockland is crashing, do I have to delete my maps/some add-on?

I'm hoping this crashing thing doesn't mean that my laptop is not good enough to run Blockland anymore.

This is one of the best summer hams you've given us.

This is literally throwing my computer into a fire, but it's soo loving worth it.

holy stuff, I just jizzed once I seen this thread.

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How do I enable/disable add-ons?

I'm stupid, never mind

V21 - Crash on startup

help pls. Problem with no explanation. ;--;