Author Topic: If you can't play blockland with an intel graphics card.  (Read 475 times)

   Hey everybody, so I just tried to start up blockland, and it crashes on the start up. So I searched it up on the forums, and it seems that anyone with an Intel Graphics card will not be able to play blockland anymore, correct me if I'm wrong. What I am getting at, if this is true, where does badspot get off on making an update that tons of people did not want (Not saying that there wasn't people that wanted the update, because I know the majority did) People have payed their $20 and now we can't play? that isnt right.

   Now don't get me wrong, I'm not just assuming this is the end, and that badspot is the bad guy, because with the info I've got now, he isn't. I've still got hope that us intel graphics card users will somehow be able to play. But if this is or isn't the case, badspot, PLEASE SPEAK UP, GIVE US HOPE. So people, give me your information, so I have a clear picture, and make this the spot where people can go to seek clear guidance, I will update the topic regularly so people don't have to scroll through the comments to get info, I will quote important info in the front page of this topic.

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well no one with any kind of integrated graphics, should be to shocked that the game either dosnt run, or dosnt run well.

nor should game developers be to concerned about that issue. unless you are making facebook games or something lol

I can run games completely fine on my laptop with low to medium settings. I have always been able to play Blockland on max settings with tons of bricks with no problem.

Damn shame though, better save up for a new laptop.

your 20 dollars also dosnt promise you that you are able to play on any outdated or low end computer.
its really your own problem.

Stop being dramatic, it's being worked on.

Also locked. Post your information in the bugs thread. We don't need things to be scattered everywhere.