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You should add a link to this:

That topic is already stickied and this thread is for coding resources, not general modification tutorials.

i don't know if it's much of a resource but here's what i made earlier to make things easier for me

Link to Pastebin
function isActivePackage(%opt)
        %packnum = GetNumActivePackages();
        for(%i = 0 ; %i < %packnum - 1 ; %i++)
                %p = getActivePackage(%i);
                if(%p $= %opt)
                        return 1;
        return 0;

i don't know if it's much of a resource but here's what i made earlier to make things easier for me

To optimize, use isPackage. Here's what I use:

Code: [Select]
function isActivePackage( %package )
if ( !isPackage( %package ) )
return false;

%count = getNumActivePackages();

for ( %i = 0 ; %i < %count ; %i++ )
if ( getActivePackage( %i ) $= %package )
return true;

return false;

Here are some useful references for GuiControlProfiles:

Some things may not apply in BL because it's for Torque3D, but for the most part it's identical and the things that don't apply most likely won't break stuff.

Lists all the variables and explains the usage for most of them.

Has usage as well as the defaults for each variable. (and explains all of them)

Would the Guide to Blockland Environments be suitable to be put here?
Not really. This is for torquescript resources.

Please update "simObject::call & simGroup::chainMethodCall" to point to this topic:

Custom TML Parser, v2

It now supports (or, in the case of default features, improves on) ordered and unordered lists, nested lists, bold, italics, headings, colors, format nesting, and more.

You can easily add or change functionality! Example
You can also use it for things completely unrelated to fancy text: Example
Parse text according to multiple definitions! Example
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Great! Also, my "simObject::call & simGroup::chainMethodCall" resource needs to be updated to this:

Attribute any work here to Mr. Doom (5621) not Mr_Doom.

My ancient implementations of isInteger & isFloat
[Resource] Some old isInt/isFloat support functions.

A simple doubly linked list:
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Please remove the link to my isNumber function.