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So uhh. I started a TF2 Skybox pack and I think I got like almost all of them but I stopped working on them so I'll just post them here since im not working on it anymore.

Enjoy the large amount of skyboxes.

Credit to Valve to making the original textures.

Edit: I recrommend you don't use an invisible floor. Like all of the skyboxes don't have a bottom half.
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You should add a few pictures

Here you go. 38 Images worth. Click the image.

I loving love Tf2 Downloading

Holy forget I love you

This is my favorite...a worthy background wallpaper.

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Holy stuff. Amazing.
Using this in my server from now on.

Maybe add 'credit to Valve Software' or something to the title so people don't flip the forget out.

Really hot, thanks for porting.

Excellent work, I will be using this.

They're beautiful. Thanks for the pack.

Is there any duplicates in there for anyone? I have one duplicate but it might just be my stupidity copy/pasteing.

this was a way better idea than I expected