Should the personal account be offered for free?

Yes. I would use it at this point.
31 (46.3%)
Yes, it should.
30 (44.8%)
No. Keep it 3.50.
6 (9%)

Total Members Voted: 67

Author Topic: blockStar - Hosting Administrative Services (Temporarily Locked - Page 24)  (Read 22858 times)

For the time being, I am going to lock this. This will give me more incentive to actually work on blockStar, and not have to respond to criticisms until I actually have a working product. If anyone has any questions, just send me a PM, and I'll get back to you. I will unlock this the next time I have an update, which should be within a week or so.

blockStar is not being discontinued. I'm simply holding off on the topic.