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Author Topic: blockStar - Hosting Administrative Services (Temporarily Locked - Page 24)  (Read 22863 times)

blockStar is being developed. The topic was locked to prevent another derail. Check back next week!

blockStar Hosting Services offers server hosts a cost effective and effcient way to manage their clients and servers. Offering everything from a Billing System, to a Remote Server Control for clients. blockStar is provided by Jeepserver both for commercial and personal use. blockStar does not offer hosting, however, offers a full administration control center for use of it's members.

With blockStar, you never have to worry about your clients paying for your service again. blockStar will remind your clients when they need to pay (by your deadline). If they don't pay by the deadline, their server is automatically shutdown and they won't be able to control it until you confirm receiving their payment. Never worry about an unpaid bill again.

Both you and your clients will be able to enjoy an easy to use control panel hosted by Jeepserver. The control panel is where the magic of blockStar happens. Your clients can control their servers, and pay their bills. You, on the other hand, will be able to control your clients accounts, as well as start / stop their servers. You can view your monthly income, and manage your clients.

blockStar requires server owners to run a light weight and portable application to enable their clients to start their servers. The system is very simple. When you add a client to your list, you simply point a file to that client's account. The blockStar client waits to hear from the server that a client wants to start their server. Whatever file you instructed blockStar to open will automatically open when the client starts their server.

As stated above, your clients will be able to start / stop their servers via the online control panel. All you need to do is have the blockStar client running (can sit in system tray). Clients will need to have the remote starter add-on enabled in their server in order to perform a remote stop.

To add to the deal, blockStar enables clients to control their server consoles via the web-console. Server Administrators can also control all consoles, however, the client will be notified via email that their console was accessed by an administrator.

Whether you have 2 clients, or 40 clients, you are entitled to unlimited clients. You can even use blockStar for your own personal use with unlimited servers. We would say that the sky is the limit, but there is no limit with blockStar.

*Pricing Information coming soon*

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This looks nice, I might have to try this :o

So basically a platform for people to start their own hosting services?

So basically a platform for people to start their own hosting services?
Essentially, yes.

didn't expect this, look cool

Hosting service hosting war

Looks nice, I like the font and the way you set up the topic.

Hosting service hosting war
I wouldn't be hosting the servers. I'm just offering a platform for people to host them.

Hosting service hosting war
hosting service hosting service hosting war

Also, if this is above $5 a month, that's a little too pricey just for a panel and stuff... In my opinion.