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Day Cycle - Liberty City (v2)
Sunny and rainy time cycles based on GTA IV!

The sunrise, daytime, sunset, and nighttime colors are based off of the ones from GTA IV. The pack contains a cycle for sunny weather, and a cycle for rainy weather.

Day Cycle Preview by Kamutog (17986)


Put into the Add-Ons folder in your Blockland folder.

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Very useful.

However these will be obsolete once GTA V comes out....

People will start calling these "old"

Well there's the fact that Liberty City and Los Santos are two different cities, very far apart from each other - so the weather and colors are going to be different, so it just adds more variety.

This file has been updated, you can grab version 2 here.

Quote from: Change Log
  • Removed red/orange sunrise/sunset sky color.
  • Changed some fractions so sunrise/sunset doesn't last so long.
  • Darkened nighttime in rain.daycycle. It was brighter than the nighttime in sunny.daycycle.
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lol complete rtb rip off

I like the formatting.

If you add a video it could probably attract more downloads..?

LOL, the city I live in is called Liberty. It's near Kansas City Missouri.
And the daycycle looks like the rl day cycle we have here.
Amazing, ratings could not describe this.

I made a video to showcase the Day and Night cycles, both the sunny and rainy versions.
You may also watch it in 1080 HD.

Anyway, here is the topic for it
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Oh man, you didn't have to do that! Thank you though.