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Author Topic: Glass' Island Fort Wars [Back Open]  (Read 1534 times)

Logo by, IkeTheGeneric.

Server Information
Welcome to my Fort Wars. Theres you, and a Archipelago.
And a whole bunch of bloodthirsty players out there. make a fort, dominate the islands, kill your enemys, and even make some allies!

The server also runs Team Mod.

In-Game say /Help and /Rules

The server runs Blockombat ATAC for weapon pack, No, I will not download T+T, Frogs, or BF3.

Please read the Rules and Build Code before joining.

Rules and Build Code


1 )Don't Spam Chat.
2) Respect Others
3) Don't ask for admin.
4) Use common sense.
5) Obey Build Rules.
6) Shield Cubes are NOT legal.

Build Code

1) Don't spam bricks.
2) Don't build spammy forts, Such as with 1x1s and stuff like that, Design is alright.
3) Only 1 Physics vehicle per person, You may have as many bot based vehicles as you want tho.(Such as boats, howitzers, heavy machine guns, etc)
4) You may have up to 3 forts.(1 On land and 2 In water) This is to prevent clutter up from many people.
5) Don't block builds.
6) Don't build stuff, If it looks like utter stuff it will be deleted.


Current Version: V1.
Next Version:

Change Logs

V1 to V1.1
  • Bug Fixes.
  • Vehicles Taken Out (Civil Heli Pack, and P51
  • Vehicles Added. (Fighter Jet[MG and Bomber], BlackHawk[Heedacalking's], and Biplane.
  • This is a extra list space that I was to lazy to delete so I typed this.


Glass - Host

Ipquarx - Super Admin

Darren - Super Admin

The Bighter Dark - Super Admin

Evar678 - Super Admin

Badger - Admin

Frankie(Tango) - Admin

Kniaz - Admin

AdinX - Admin

IkeTheGeneric - Admin

Dionysus - Admin


Glass - Hosting, Other things.

The Brighter Dark - Spawn Room.

Pass - Making Islands


lost my WIP carrier two days ago :(

I'll host tomorrow, I don't feel like setting up atm.

Bump. Can someone please help me? I don't know how to remove the stupid ass admin only events badspot put in the last update.

I honestly think the islands would look better with some ModTer prints, rather than being blank, but that's just me.

Seriously, many of the island are just ugly squares.

Seriously, many of the island are just ugly squares.

I think your glasses need to be adjusted

Seriously, many of the island are just ugly squares.
Take a trip to the optometrist.

Did you seriously already get banned again?

I think your glasses need to be adjusted
Take a trip to the optometrist.

You two know I could say the same thing about you lmao.