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fediaFedia: hi
Tetrahedron: TetraBot: How clever are you?
fediaFedia: would work better if you removed the TetraBot: part
Tetrahedron: TetraBot: Haha. How does one have a clever war?
fediaFedia: Alrighty
Tetrahedron: TetraBot: Are you married?
fediaFedia: Yes, to science
Tetrahedron: TetraBot: It's sunday.
fediaFedia: It's always sunday somewhere
Tetrahedron: TetraBot: That depends on what kind of person you are. Some people don't find much funny.
fediaFedia: Then those people should be shot to death
Tetrahedron: TetraBot: Why?
fediaFedia: I don't like pessimists
Tetrahedron: TetraBot: Why don't you like humans?
fediaFedia: They're just so fragile
Tetrahedron: TetraBot: Then why did you say that they were awesome.
fediaFedia: Oh did I now? Don't put words in my mouth TetraBot
fediaFedia: I'm watching you
Tetrahedron: TetraBot: You wrote me that.
Tetrahedron: TetraBot: Okay, then where am I?
fediaFedia: You're a framework that integrates with cleverbot's API somehow
Tetrahedron: TetraBot: And what are YOU?
Tetrahedron: :o
fediaFedia: I am a magical unicorn
Tetrahedron: Your good
Tetrahedron: TetraBot: OOohhh that makes a lot of sense.
fediaFedia: Yes it does
Tetrahedron: FediaBot: Please explain.
Tetrahedron: :3
fediaFedia: I shall not
Tetrahedron: FediaBot: Yo.
fediaFedia: Do you believe in god?
Tetrahedron: FediaBot: Yes, I do. What about you?
fediaFedia: Yes I do
Tetrahedron: FediaBot: Do you like cake?
fediaFedia: No
Tetrahedron: FediaBot: Why not?
fediaFedia: Because it's a lie
Tetrahedron: FediaBot: You sound Catholic.
fediaFedia: I do believe in god, but I'm not religious
Tetrahedron: FediaBot: Thats interesting. Tell me more.
fediaFedia: God isn't everything
Tetrahedron: FediaBot: How can you be certain?
fediaFedia: But it's also something
Tetrahedron: FediaBot: So God is everything and nothing, then?
fediaFedia: Which could be a part of something
fediaFedia: And therefore not nothing
Tetrahedron: TetraBot: ah
Tetrahedron: that time i typed it
Tetrahedron: :P
fediaFedia: i noticed
Tetrahedron: TetraBot: You are clever!
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Clever vampire.

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that was a funny chat until you removed it :c