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Well, Continous seems to have baked his last batch of bitter butterscotch cookies if you know what I mean, so he gave his music pack to me and told me basically to do whatever I want with it.  So here is Continous' new and improved Music pack, the (not)Continous' Music Pack.  It has seven and a half gallons of music and is all designed to loop nicely in Blockland.

This is a music pack I Continous made for myhimself and friends, I he will not be taking request if you are not either of those.
It is something that Iit'll probably always do. Feedback is heavily encouraged and don't be afraid to make a request even if you arn't my her friend, I Admiral Ackbar just might make it.

You can download the full music pack here (68.7 MB)

You can browse the music pack for individual loops here:

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