Author Topic: THC has been reformed!  (Read 1399 times)

Remember THC, the clan that used to dominate AoT, owned by the rich and pr0 players?

Check this out:

Quote from: MSN chat with DarkSilence / Hellboy Nat
DarkSilence: brotheraaaaaaaaaaaaa
Green Blockhead: why do po-lice hate brothers
DarkSilence: Minecraft is better than Blockland
DarkSilence: Suck my hair richard
Green Blockhead: I got minecraft
DarkSilence: The end.
Green Blockhead: and I love it
DarkSilence: Haha glad you agree
DarkSilence: Also
DarkSilence: The THC clan has reuinited
DarkSilence: But we don't care about you
Green Blockhead: Well of course not
Green Blockhead: I tried to come back and sign up under Green Blockhead2 where the two is small
Green Blockhead: but AoT won't accept it
Green Blockhead: so I really am not coming back
DarkSilence: Oh, we don't play aot anymore
Green Blockhead: Then where do you reunite?
DarkSilence: Skype
DarkSilence: ANd we're meeting in real life soon
DarkSilence: Real life is actually quite a fun game y'know
DarkSilence: It's where I've been since I left aoit
DarkSilence: aot*
Green Blockhead: You don't say?
DarkSilence: ;)
DarkSilence: I'm an adult now too
Green Blockhead: Eyup.

So they're not really going back to AoT, but the clan we thought was dead is reunited.

Just letting BLF know.