Author Topic: Versions to Versions V2  (Read 4527 times)

+Added nothing
-Removed nothing
+Added 9001 nothings

All your page 4 are belong to me

v36, pngu is removed from dev team for making bad ideas.
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  • Found an issue, but we don't care about it
  • Added Badspot
  • Added Wrapperup
  • Removed blockland ids and turned them into words
  • Deleted the forums
  • Added cubes
  • New beta characters

Badspot becomes a hooker
New hooker music
Speedkart gamemode changed to strip club
Stripclub bricks
all colors removed except rainbow FX

roblox vs blockland is the only game mode
only weapon pack is sgt a walter's BF3


- All Code Scrapped

+ Game Recreated on Source Engine 5

+ All Gamemodes From (V10.1) Torque Version Included

+ Free Cake For Everyone

A Few Updates Later v18 Added Maps Including Bedroom


+You now must pay a fee for downloading an add-on
+New Sponsor: Doritos - Mountain Dew

Nezrox is removed from the dev team for not being able to count.


Kompressor added as dictator of blockland, also germany and yadda yadda.
Bot holes replaced with bot vaginas.
re-added snake cannon.

Blockland accidentally updated were you cannot remove content, only add
Added giant babies


Reverted to v46
Removed giant babies
Removed snake cannon
Removed ability to add content

i took a stuff
blockland is now owned by twitter

Blockland gets turned into a cluster forget.
Roblox enters Blockland with their stuffty vehicles.
Blockland is now at war.
BL weps are Kaje's shotgun, mini-nuke, ion cannon and RYNO-V
RB is completely forgeted