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Blockland  has  been  taken  over  by  an  unknown  entity

Removed bump and uknow entity
Roblox is magically cleared from blockland and the war is over
also any messages without a minimum of 5 emotes will get removed and the user banned.
 :cookie: :cookieMonster: :panda: :iceCream: :nes:

Removed 5 emote messages due to complaints
Added more bricks and better mod compatibility

  • Added Jake and Finn
  • Added bubblegum to pop other people
  • Removed chat
  • Removed rage
  • Added Dark Blockland
  • Added hacky commands
  • Added trolling bots and vehicles
  • Pictures no longer show
  • Added maps, then removed them a few days later
  • Saying /bullcrap now gives you wings

Roblox is magically cleared from blockland and the war is over
There was no war.

- removed forum rules
- removed dedicated servers
- removed shaders for vehicle physics
- removed good hosts
- added badmins
- added badmin wand
- removed life-time membership
- added monthly fee
- added $3 DLC that gives you admin on any server
- made /talkas command from Munk's Server Pack default and usable by anyone

There was no war.
- added war
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V55 Barack Obama was elected president

-Made blockland a more friendlier enviorment
-Removed d-wand
-Removed kick command
-Removed ban command
-Every brick is now rainbow colored
-Bad words get your key revoked
-Moderators now stalk you everywhere you go
-RTB forced to block bad words
-Removed weapons
-Added candy
-Added lollipops
-Added amusement parks
-Removed scary rollercoasters
-Remodeled users to look like happy faces
-Removed sad faces

  • Added more blockbots
  • Made a blockbot for every server
  • Made Eye-Rape gun default
  • Made banHammer default
  • Made BanHammer usable by non-admins

Good timing to bump it, just made a topic a few minutes ago. *sigh* oh well.

Skipped v59 cause reasons


-Bug that added some time machine thing that goes to v289104798307018474 r1337, going through it will cause the server to implode and will send you to the future.
--May cause universe to be destroyed.

3497 A.D.
v289104798307018474 r1337

-Added time machine

-reverted back to small numbers due to complaints
-made shadows more detailed