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if yall want a good read that will make you feel absolutely loving ill look up 'smurf in hand story'. it's loving atrocious and will make you feel bad

if yall dont feel like sifting thru pages of grotesque detail, i'll summarize it: it's a story where OP says he is taking care of baby smurfs. reading into the story you can tell there are extremely blatant overtones of child abuse, physical and loveual. it's all written in disgustingly vigorous detail, especially regarding them being injured or in uncomfortable situations.
thats cool and all, but i propose to you: pamperchu
just look it up, you'll get the idea
2 babys 1 fox

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what john k lookin-ass animation is that
seriously wtf

ironic considering i'm impacted right now
what john k lookin-ass animation is that
seriously wtf
ren and stimpy adult party cartoon

why is he taking a stuff fully nude