Author Topic: Halloweenfest - Closed till Werdsnaday. :(  (Read 35236 times)

will this include any skeleton bots

This looks amazing, reminds me of rollercoaster tycoon 2 for some reason.
very spooky.

best server ever

it only gets better

also: instant access to whoever can guess what that is part of in the top right corner
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A large cog
A stegosaurus
i was going more for
"what building is it part of"
rather than ITS A GEAR

it was that gear you showed me
you were using it for a concert or something?

those curved letters are amazing

those curved letters are amazing
we had to redo it (Coburn helped quite a bit the second time) because the first time I did it I misspelled Halloween
2 L's, damnit