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I've had a few in the past.  One was about Age of Time having been reverted to an earlier version that had lots of clothes for purchase in the shop.  Lots of players were on and everyone was goings nuts.

One was about an update that added a lot of things including (you guessed it) male player options.  I don't remember much else about this one besides the fact that Port Town now had street lamps.

Another was some sort of cross between Blockland and AoT, like someone had made an RPG with a similar overworld map in BL.

More recently I've had another, fuzzier dream.  I don't remember much, but it involved there being a third, smaller town somewhere in the vicinity of Fort Bad.
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did you take off every piece of clothing as a male

did you take off every piece of clothing as a male

I don't remember if I actually played as a male, but I'm pretty sure there wasn't any taking off of clothing involved.  But knowing me, the men probably would have had featureless crotches.

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