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This is a music I'm composing recently, it's still WIP but you can get an idea of how it sounds like.

i made a masterpiece that took about 4 minutes to record and the quality has degraded a trillion times due to me: making it mono to work in blockland, making it an mp3 and using it in movie maker and making it a youtube video
there's also a higher quality version i remade for best listening
and here's the master recordings, the original .m4a data
accordion, just a toy accordion i have lying around -
"drums", just hitting metal boxes with pencils -
crocophone, the crocodile xylophone thing in the "album" "art" -
backing, just using random ACMP feature on the yamaha dgx 305 i have -
in case you want to uh
listen to super hd garbage random stuff
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Ahh some free improv huh? I won’t lie the accordion feels aimless and unnecessary but you’re on to something with the percussion.

hi sup i made a song like 2 days ago & i think its alright
im still a bit of a bab in music though so
here it is

Extended a piece of mine
hi sup i made a song like 2 days ago & i think its alright
im still a bit of a bab in music though so
here it is
Not exactly my type of music but it's done really well, good job.

im richarding around in ableton and i cant save, so heres something ive been goofing around with today:

i got a bunch of beats on stockpile from looperman purely for practice sampling / easy music for projects

i sampled the intro to "way star" by rubba and some old "mr krabs" recording i found. beatline by otto22
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hi im still going, i've also changed names (finished hours ago, releases everywhere else 7/29)

all of my stuff is on spotify/apple music/what-have-you now too, it's pretty cool
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Forgot to post this cover of After School Special but uhhh here you go


Quite proud of this one. Took inspiration from Daft Punk's TRON soundtrack, the Top Gun anthem, and the old Animusic songs/animations.

Been off and on lately when it comes to music making but idk what genre it is I just kinda make whatever

sorta reminds me of something from hotline miami
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havent posted any of my orchestral stuff on here in a while
so heres a new one