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I mainly mix two separate strings together, one low dark string, and one medium joyful string.

Spinning (Finished)
I mean what vsts do you use?

I mean what vsts do you use?
Nexus: Classic: Dark Cello
FL Studio Direct Wave: Strings

Just got the KORG M1 Le vst, gonna use that for my strings, I think.

WIP, by the way (iPod music, working on something else on the computer that's a bit different from my usual style):

I like the finished version of Spinning by the way, Allun. Especially for the speeding up part. ;)

Well, double post, I guess.

Anyway, I finished it:

I really like it so far

I have now finished the remix.

Vivalent - As The Clouds Rise (A.P.X. Remix)

Also, great music guys!
I throw a bunch of stuff together and make it into this.

Share some of your own original music/remixes/covers. You can also ask for advice/criticism here! I know the majority is probably going to be electronic (for even I make electronic music) but any genre is welcome. Let me contribute:
(Trance) Sparks
(Ambience) Once Upon a Nightmare

and here's a bunch of wip's i got

Artists List (Lets see how long I can keep this updated)
If you want to be added post links to your profiles on various music sharing sites.
The Oregon Trails (GhostOfBetaTapes)
Gravity Cat

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way to forget me in the people you're following. ):

gonna be honest

i'm jealous

also JD what the hell you have a 12 minute song
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loving where I want a screenshot right now

oh also this is hidden from public but it's my most recent WIP as I've actually made it on this new rig I built versus the other ones which I was very lazy with. it's like harsh industrial so if you don't like noisy stuff don't listen to it
Well Balls 5
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that's two tracks
it's a part one and part 2
part 1 is progressive house part 2 is dubstep.

For example Pendulum's The Island part 1 and 2. Part 1 is all chill, part 2 is electrohouse.

Like I mean is it that hard to miss
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