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okay? Pendulum's The Island part 1 and 2 combined makes a 7 and a half minute track but it contains less phrases than Beyond Memories. why does is matter that it's 12 minutes exactly

also before you say anything about 'house music is supposed to be short'

The genre was distinctly English with harmonic and trancey sounds such as extended synthesizer washes. It features elements of dub, deep house, big riffs and extended track lengths
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why does is matter that it's 12 minutes exactly
let me get back to you on that one

:P yeah in 12 minutes? hahahah. but yeah I don't mind how long it is. I've heard longer tracks before and still enjoyed them. it's not the length it's the content

way to forget me in the people you're following. ):
sorry lol, added. This looks so fun to play around with:
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I'd love to have a Doepfer A-100 so I can have way more audio possibilities than what SunVox currently offers.

Building one costs $3k-5k and I don't know how to re-earn the money.
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Gotta wait for that creative spark yo.

Brought 2 Light, another collab album. I don't know if any of you remember but last year I did a collab album with Cucumber! and other artists. So this year we hope to release it around the same time but no promises. If you're interested in being in please send me a message, and remember I'm giving a two song limit per person.
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At the moment I'm making a big 5 song EP, but for now while the EP is being worked on I'm just putting out tiny disco tracks I made for no reason

such 80's

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