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This is Scobby and Me (skylord123 for those of you that don't know).

Scobby lived in Norway and I live in USA. We met 7 years ago on Age of Time and since have been dating on/off. I'm sure if you played back then you remember us, at least if you played often because we were on every day.

Couple months ago Scobby moved here to go to college. Since we have been spending every chance we get with each other and have been having tons of fun. In the picture above we are in Vegas on Freemont Street enjoying our weekend. I still can't believe I met such an amazing girl on such a waste of time. But I am glad I did.

So now I thank you Badspot for creating this game. At least something good came from it. :)

stick it in her pooper

have you loveed yet
OT: congrats

and they say gamers don't have a life

Noo scobby was mine you jerk.


thank you badspot for this delicious summer ham

the person you dated on the interned turned out NOT to be a male child enthusiast, but in fact, a very attractive girl?
gg man

You are one lucky guy, and she's a lucky girl too! It's like you two were meant for one another. It's amazing how much socialization video games can bring.

thank you badspot for this delicious summer ham
thank you badspot for this thanksgiving turkey