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Starting to stock up on a bunch of brass, how does it compare to other metals in terms of shield effects or its effect on cbow? anyone know?

Don't know about weapons and armor, but it makes fine trumpets.

I'm trying to think and I can't even remember what brass does on a shield. I have one of every metal too.

copper: freezes
gold: drops gp
iron/steel: sparks
lead:knock back
zinc: confuse
brass: ???

Maybe it just does nothing and that's why I can't remember.

Serious mode.

According to Jetz on a much older thread brass shields do nothing special.

As far as crossbows I imagine it's decent, but I don't know why you'd want to use anything other than plutonium.


With some testing, I've found brass does not make very good crossbows.  I stood about a building's length away from a window in Port Town and fired at the center of it with two different crossbows.  While the all-plutonium crossbow landed a bolt just inches below the target, the all-brass crossbow's bolt didn't even make it to the wall.

Edit: The brass crossbow I made is up for sale at the shop for the low, low price of 400 gp.  It's so stuffty I couldn't live with myself if I sold it for any more.
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