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Everyone else is making a topic for all of their mods because of RTB shut down. I'll do the same :)

Fish Bricks

Download Here

Medieval Props Misc

Download Here

Industrial Light

Originally was made for The Brighter Dark's SCP.

Download Here


Download Here

Extra Bars

Download Here

4x Height Brick Pack

Download Here

Sphere Pack

Download Here

Thick Poles

Download Here

More Arches

Download Here

Enjoy! There are more but they are just single bricks and not really useful unless in a pack, so I can't be bothered to post them. Expect updates as life goes on!
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the industrial lights look like a bell

the industrial lights look like a bell
yeah, could you make the wires thinner?

should make the industrial bell light's wire thing match the look of the pole bricks.

better yet, completely remove that thing so that people can make it hang by any kind of pole brick, whether they are the thick ones or regular ones, or something else entirely.

Oh sweet! I forgot to update my medieval brick pack. More medieval bricks for me >:D

Youre just posting this to boost your ego

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those fish give me horrors because i just played sleeping dogs and saw what happened to johnny ratface- ugh

Bump, this is actually pretty nice! Please make more sir.

I made some cool Arch Bricks. You can find them at the bottom of the OP. :)

I like the Arch Bricks it look great

Thank you so much, I have been waiting for the fourth one for so long.

I have made a campfire brick for the Medieval Misc bricks. Once I make two or more bricks, I'll pump out the update. Stay updated :)

pass, aren't you the one who created that uneven 1x2 brick? i have it, but if you made it, you should still link it here. it's a very useful brick on its own.

Bump in hopes of the update to the medieval misc pack.