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Lab of the Damned is a server that allows you to be the creature that makes people need to buy new pants.
There are a group of survivors, which need to survive for 10 minutes until rescue arrives, and there is one monster.
Textures need to be enabled for server to work. Shadows and shaders are not required, but provide the best experience.

The Humans

Flashlight: Light things up.
Keys: Red keys open up infectious areas on walls. (The weird meaty stuff.) Blue keys open up special examination rooms, which provides another item in the room. Grey unlock the cuffs on a player.

The Creatures

While it can not harm you closely, from a distance, its darts can sink into your flesh before you even see them.

Not many things can scare someone more then a very fast, and very terrifying thing running towards you.

It may be slow and a bit clumsy, but you can't run from what you can't see.

Q: Faq
A: Shaq

Q: Why are you using scp's but calling them something different?
A: Because I saw spooky things, and I didn't really want to make a scp server.

Q: Why do you say this is in beta? It seems finished enough
A: Because I want to expand on the server, right now it only has so much. There are also some bugs here and there.

Q: Why don't you host some weeks?
A: Parents divorced, switch houses every week.

Q: Why does everything but the monster and humans look 8bit? Is it just you being lazy?
A: I couldn't really make the monsters or humans 8bit, so I had to stick with just the map being that way.

Q: Why do you stop so many servers?

(More soon)

3/11/2014 - More areas added to the lab. Special items added. Special items can be found in blue key rooms.

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All of my skin jumped from me at the sight of the Skinless

All of my skin jumped from me at the sight of the Skinless
Toss him a hamburger

This looks amazing wow.

Looks cool, I dig the semi-monochromatic look the build has. I'll be sure to stop by once the server is up.

Server is 10/10 5 gold stars 2 thumbs up would copy

Server is 10/10 5 gold stars 2 thumbs up would copy

it was spopy yesterday

Needs 'smore fel cat to be really spookY

needs more red and black

this server gave me the heebie jeebies