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How Nooby Are You??

The Noobiest Award

none yet; are you the noobiest?

The Pro Award

none yet; are you the proest?

Want an award? Get the best noobiest or proest scores, the more the better. Poll will be held on the sixteenth.

Enter in phrases, submit them here!

your link appears to be broken

Enter a sentence or phrase and the noobmeter will tell you how nooby it is!

Evaluated: cna i b doge?

Result: 76 % Non-Noob

'Roblox' is 25% non-noob

this implies it is 75% noob


That's not very nice.

Evaluated: totally not a nsa stalker dude

Result: 69 % Non-Noob
this works in the strangest of ways
anyone know how this actually works as in what it looks for other than the obvious?

here's another one:

Evaluated: haha, gay

Result: 91 % Non-Noob
this can't be right

Evaluated: it's raping time

Result: 91 % Non-Noob
seems perfectly fine...

Evaluated: Roblox; that game where you date nine year olds.

Result: 92 % Non-Noob
they forgeted up

Evaluated: Blockland is obviously far superior. If this ranks high on the noobmeter, we are at war my friends.

Result: 93 % Non-Noob
but it's not completely rigged...

Evaluated: I like men!

Result: 70 % Noob
Evaluated: I like women!

Result: 30 % Noob
coincidence? i think not
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well then

roblox must have a big ego

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Evaluated: hi my name is foul and i love rooster

Result: 85 % Non-Noob


roblox confirmed at war with blockland