Author Topic: Anyone speak Chinese?  (Read 572 times)

translate it, ching-chongers.

but really if someone could could translate or get it into text so i can copy/paste it and stuff i would really appreciate it

translate it, ching-chongers.

do you enjoy sending people to hell?


what's the context

and furthermore why are you offhandedly insulting the language you want translated and the people who would translate it in the first place

it was a flippant joke

it's a song title

烛光 is 'candlelight' and that's all I know

ni hao zue shen me ming zi?

(hello, what is your name?)

*cough* Google *cough* *cough* Translate *COUGH*

I only know cantonese, sorry

EDIT: according to google image search it says "welcome" in mandarin

*cough* Google *cough* *cough* Translate *COUGH*

yeah try typing that image into a translator

some of the characters look like they match but it's still not exact

might be a variant of the phrase

EDIT: found a chinese friend, it says "Scattered Candlelight"
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