Author Topic: I've been a member of the forums for four years, wow.  (Read 2233 times)

It just recently hit me that I registered in March of 2010, a full four years ago. A long time but it feels like it went by so quickly. I've done so many things and met a lot of cool people. There were a lot of memories I've made. It's very saddening looking back on what has happened and knowing they probably won't happen to me again. The people who I looked up to aren't here anymore, the people who had played for four years when I arrived aren't here. The sense of community in these forums always made them very homey compared to a lot of other communities. You could always look at who was online and recognize every name on the list when I was more active. Most of the people that I wanted to be like sometime in my forums career were on that list.

When it comes down to it, everybody that was here when I has had a profound influence on my life, even if I'm just romanticizing my experience. Blockland's feeling of community will probably never be matched, neither will the memories of the simple servers and the lasting memories of having fun.

Sorry if this post got a bit sidetracked. I just wanted to express by feelings about how the small scale community here has helped create great and lasting memories for me to remember fondly. Also sorry if this is banable \_(ツ)_/

<3 you guys

nothing but love ♥

Happy  christmas!

5 years ;))))

wow actually i can't believe it's been 5 years

congratulations, you need a loving life you're old!

wow you're alive

anyway, congrats

Ive been posting on the forums for about three years now. But before I bought my own key, I lurked around for about 2 years.
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I remember you, yeah loads of people such as Iban have left. The games on steam By the way

Congratulations from someone who also originally registered in 2010. <3
Yes, this is an alt.

oh hey jacksaunt where ya been?
havent seen you in a while.