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Author Topic: Desktop Megathread 3  (Read 229263 times)

ive been trying to clean up my desktop :/

sorry the image looks bad, making 21:9 aspect ratio look smaller and yet good without cropping is hard
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#ultrawidesquad #dualmonitorsquad

when you can't find a good wallpaper so you just stick with default

(this is what happens when you leave a forum for a year and forget the rules)
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trying out some new launchers

what launcher?
Flow Home
use BETA20 to use it. it takes a bit to set up, but afterwards it's nice.

ah. i remember using this launcher.
sucks it hasn't been updated since 2015, it looks really clean

edit: always getting crashes when pressing the FAB
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I put rr on my tab s2

All Apple devices woo! (Except for the MacBook)

Still on iOS Beta! Just new wallpaper.

Now I'm just making my iPod look like El Capitan, even though it has the cool iOS 10 wallpaper

Cat tails on iPhone! Mrreow!

freaking loving this new theme. too bad i can't change the bar up top