Author Topic: Speedkart Choose Track  (Read 10504 times)

Is it possible to choose which track will be played on and is it possible to increase the number of rounds.

First of all, wrong board. This goes in Help ( Maybe General Discussion? )

To choose a track, first, say /tracklist to see the list of tracks and each track's number.

You should get something like this ( note: your tracks will be different )

The track with the ">" is the track currently in play.

Let's say I want to play on Hydro Plant. To switch to this track, I would say "/settrack 2" without the quotes. This is because Hydro Plant's number is 2.

For changing number of rounds:

Access your console. You can do this by pressing the "~" key ( no quotes. )

Enter this:

$Pref::Server::SpeedKart::RoundLimit = 10;

Replace 10 with the number of rounds you want.