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Considering the subject, this is surprisingly good.
It makes for a good research shoot, or for a decent studio chatshow if you changed the set a little bit.

why is this such a good build

why is this such a good build
TBD spent a lot of time studying the source material.

Wasn't there a forumer auditioning for a researchographic movie not too long ago or some stuff


TBD spent a lot of time studying the source material.
but i didnet

the real question now is:
how much research did you have to watch to build this
the better question is what was he actually watching, the architecture or the actual research

*knocks on door* Betel: "Hey baddy its me Betel, Mind if i come in? Badspot:"Come in... I've always wanted company..."  Betel: "Its cold in here, Mind if i lay on your bed..? Badspot: "Go ahead, I'll make us some tea..." *Betel chuckles* *Badspot comes up with the tea, and gets in the bed* Betel: "If feels better with two people in this bed" *badspot gives a wink to betel*  Badspot: "Let me start us off..."

Would fap to this.
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Give me this save and I'll make a series of research films featuring Ephialtes and Badspot.

I thought this was going to be a joke thread but it actually turned out to be way better.

Yes, there is bdsm I made it last night