Are newer add-ons really neccesary here?

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13 (37.1%)

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Another category on the OP for brickpacks would be great.

Here are some suggestions to get it started:

Emil's Useful Brickpack by Emil

BLB Door/switch Pack by TheArmyGuy

BlackDragonIV's Brickpack by BlackDragonIV
   --- BlackDragonIV's Filler Brickpack goes with the other one

Pass' Brick Mods by Pass (yeah, I know, Pass already suggested his pack above)

Tau Weapons Dont Show Up In The Item List Ingame

I feel like i had 3 other addon dumps sitting around somewhere

Thanks for all the links. I've updated the OP again.

Tau Weapons Dont Show Up In The Item List Ingame
This may be an issue with namecheck.cs
I don't think it was required in the past for an Add-on to work but it seems that it is now. Does it have the file in the .zip folder or not?

Edit: Quietly added Untiered Arms, enjoy.
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Sorry for the bump, but can you add this thread


I think it's kind of useful... too bad it didn't continue and died during December - January

I don't make add-ons :*(

i have a small wip brick dump if the quality meets standards then id really appreciate if it was added here; http://forum.blockland.us/index.php?topic=264016.0

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Wow this is great, I think I may actually create a website for all my decals and stuff now that there's a good place to advertise it.

Would sure like to see my Add-On topic on there, been kinda dead for a while.