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Author Topic: Dough Clan - Disbanded  (Read 8259 times)

Is Bacon not responding for some reason?

Why dont we partner with FM? I have some nice movie sets that contain DCHQ!

want to make the application of partnership?

want to make the application of partnership?
Sending it later, along with my app for it.

Want to ally with Hug Group And/or Logical?

Please give a warm welcome to our 2 new members, who I have known for a long member IRL: Moosh [BL_ID: 44894] and Bloxxerdood [BL_ID: 44895]!

I forgeted a sandwich
and I got in

Welcome in, we need fresh blood to fuel our wars.

I can't be on during the weekends, so I probably can't attend most meetings. I should be good most weekends though.

Ok, making a new map today!

Did op abandon this thread?