Vehicle Door Animations: Which Would You Prefer?

Keep door animations the same. Smooth, fluid animations, but vehicles with more than four animated parts  requires bot supplements.
12 (16%)
Make them open like the default .blb doors - No bots would be required, also allows me to free up animation threads for other things (turn signals, etc).
56 (74.7%)
Ditch the animated doors entirely, they have been a nuisance, they are only a tired gimmick.
7 (9.3%)

Total Members Voted: 75

Author Topic: Barnabas' Unceremonious Add-on Dump  (Read 112647 times)

i think you should do player recolors so players can customize their car however they want to, and it'd save on you having to make a million versions of one vehicle. not sure how you might get the lights and sirens to work with it

an adjustable spotlight would be cool too, maybe have it work like the flashlight mod, except you press a key, it goes to camera mode on the spotlight, and the player selects what to shine a light on and then presses the same button to exit

Is it possible to have liveries that can also be player coloured?
For example in the /veh colour section, 0 - Livery color 1, 1 - Livery color 2.

I don't know if that is possible or not, but it would allow different livery styles and different colour schemes to be combined in numerous ways, for more endless possibilities.

Minor updates have been put onto Glass.

Bengs was updated to fix some console spam (thank you Tendon for catching it and providing a fix. Also thank you Vitawrap for helping me sorting out the other issue)

Foehn was also updated to fix the console spam issue (thank you Tendon and Vitawrap, once again)

nice update. impressive this topic has stayed alive for 4 years.

Tinycar 600 has been released! Now available on Blockland Glass!

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Love it, great to see someone is making quality vehicles that are normal everyday stuff instead of supercars.

this thread is immortal


Bit of a bump:

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i cant afford this addon

The Sabre looks excellent! I hope to see it released soon after all of these years.
Just curious, but are you planning on making a beater variant of this car? It seems like a good candidate for something like that.