Vehicle Door Animations: Which Would You Prefer?

Keep door animations the same. Smooth, fluid animations, but vehicles with more than four animated parts  requires bot supplements.
12 (16%)
Make them open like the default .blb doors - No bots would be required, also allows me to free up animation threads for other things (turn signals, etc).
56 (74.7%)
Ditch the animated doors entirely, they have been a nuisance, they are only a tired gimmick.
7 (9.3%)

Total Members Voted: 75

Author Topic: Barnabas' Unceremonious Add-on Dump  (Read 100686 times)

The Sabre has been approved on Blockland Glass!

Go check it out!

perfect!!! now make R21 aa

That ain't no tucker
Um Ovibiosukly Poolish Renault Is Better Then Poopy Fallout Car Tucker

I forgot about the Atlas, you have been full of surprises lately! I especially like the station wagon variant.

Bit of a bump before the topic dies a horrible death