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She's been doing a lot of stuff to piss me off lately. She's marked three of of homework assignments missing when I turned them in on time, and is giving me F's on things. I did correctly. Even today I told her about the thing I turned in and she said she didn't know what I was talking about in the first place, and she involved other kids in it saying she didn't understand. I just said never mind and walked away, and she gave me a detention for having an "attitude" she's done this like 3 times before for me, and not with the other students.

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Well stuff dude, then call up your school office and accuse the teacher of giving you false grades. While that happens, prepare all your written work as evidence.

whats with all these 9th grade teachers being garbage

My Spanish teacher forgot to give me an assignment, didn't say she was giving it out, and didn't tell us we had anything to do, so while I was taking notes in my notebook everyone else was doing the worksheet that I ended up getting a bad grade on despite the facts.

What recently happened to me is someone was deleting my work and I got not achieved's (I havn't ever gotten a not achieved before).
I emailed my teacher and before when I emailed her she was like "I can grade it late, but maybe this is a good time to manage yourself better" so I dug deeper, found someone was deleting my work. Mother forgeter.

Anyways sucks op, maybe the teacher hates you?

i have a feeling the truth is being skewed to make the teacher look worse.

forget your english teacher and tell her that shes a 2/10

forget your english teacher and tell her that shes a 2/10
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Why the forget did you say never mind, I would of just confronted her, after all, you did go to her for a reason, and if she doesn't get it straight, keep explaining it slowly to her

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