Author Topic: Starzy- Grudge on me ever since I've been on BLF  (Read 6322 times)

Starzy has had a grudge on me for no reason ever since I've joined BLF. He has pestered me to the point of annoyance, and has been an starfish to quite a few members, with me being the most affected.
His posts
so you can carry 3 ounces and be free
wow laws
Setro confirmed handicapped for the 50th time.
Uh, it was a joke?
Bible makes you heal other people (They get healed when you left click on them maybe a beam shoots out, and when they rightclick they can heal anyone in the area (20 sec cooldown))
Quran gives you the ability to behead people (Acts as a knife, right clicking explodes yourself)

I think that works out nicely.

Why are you posting setro's head?
Here, I didn't even post anything, yet he still finds a way to get me into it. And he flames my religion, too.
plot twist: she already has a forum account
Stop lying, no wonder the story in op sounds so bullstuff, because OP is lying cunt who only tells half of what actually happened. This is so obviously skewed into ops favor just because we can't tell, but now we can.
A new level of stupidity/hypocrisy?
I am running Manjaro, Linux
Theres your proble-
and have a gaming mouse
theres your problem x2
I don't see what's wrong with linux and a gaming mouse? Also, I've been banned for a post almost exactly like this, so I'm not sure why he hasn't been banned.
you can't lose something you never had
holy stuff rekt
You seriously have something wrong with you.

Another example on how Starzy has a hard time differentiating between jokes and seriousness.
Setro, it's because your handicapped and handicapped people need to be taken care of, they require more attention and help.
I just answered all your questions. Try acting like a normal human being for the first time in your life.
Why the forget? Isn't this bannable?
And he's like 7, rofl.

See: Avatar
Oh yeah, another thing. His avatar.

If this isn't holding a grudge, I don't know what is.
^In the "make 7 year old usernames" topic. I wasn't aware my name was unoriginal. It's quite exactly the opposite.

And these are only a few out of Starzy's infinite history of insulting me for no known reason. Go, look through his posts, you're sure to see a hundred more.

To be honest, your post about 3 ounces and walking free sounds more like a typo than a joke, and if it really is a joke, I don't get it.

Either way, yeah, sure, he's gone overboard several times, but honestly just getting a post blocker of some sort, or just ignoring him would have been a better option.

Getting your point across in a PM is acceptable, too.

That's just my thoughts on the matter, but I would be quite interested on Starzy's view on this drama.

Who is starzy. Again? You all have 10 accounts because of stupid. And I lose track.

im gonna go out and exclude the "everyone hates you here" thing and say yeah this isn't right.

According to the search feature, Starzy has mentioned/quoted my name more than 30 times. And all of the times he's mentioned my name, it's been negative.
It's time to stop.

You couldn't PM him first?

he's really loving annoying
i dont care who's he targeting, he needs to shut the hell up

im gonna go out and exclude the "everyone hates you here" thing and say yeah this isn't right.
I acknowledge that, but no user here seems to have hated me more than Starzy has. I have never done anything to Starzy and do not deserve him insulting me for little to no reason.
And no user has set their avatar to a picture of me.

You couldn't PM him first?
Based on his "ignore-and-flame-setro" tendency, he wouldn't care about PM's from me.

And no user has set their avatar to a picture of me.

actually i think multiple have

Typical wannabe online buffguy

actually i think multiple have
Oh, now that I think of it, I recall at least one more. Still, he changed it after like a week. Meanwhile, Starzy has had it as his avatar for about more than a month.

Based on his "ignore-and-flame-setro" tendency, he wouldn't care about PM's from me.
You should have atleast tried😂😂

You should have atleast tried😂😂
Many try, most will fail.
I'm the most.

You couldn't PM him first?
Yeah he's totally going to accept a "please stop" PM from a user he's actively flaming on. Setro's Drama'd him before on this, he's not going to stop anytime soon.

I'm siding with Setro on here, outright seeking to flame members is not acceptable.

And no user has set their avatar to a picture of me.
Actually I did but I'll be honest that was rude of me to do.