Author Topic: Werluses Unite, De Warlus Klan [Werlus]  (Read 4914 times)

Join the warlus space research program today!

Venture deep into the depths of Warlus, with many Warluses along the way

Your Warlus is your Warlus, so make it your Warlus Warlus my dear Warlus

Together we can Warlus untill the end of Warlus which is totally not Warlus Warlus

Warlus Warlus Warlus

Walrus Page Break

The Klan

This klan is only for Majestic Warluses, if you are not majestic Warlus, yuo of cannot join into dis Klan

Dis Klan is made for purposings of killing warlus nub, and exploring Warlus Space, of course!

If you cannot like dis warlus you cannot into Klan:

Hao 2 Join:
Yuo Naimings:
Yuo Warlus Naim:
Yuo Warlus Level
Yuo Perzonals data so we can Warlus Intercourse contact you

Ego levle:
alsu we need yuo proof dat yuo are majestic Warlus

Dat is it for Warlus Klan, enjoy doing the Warlus with felow Warluses

Have a warlus:

Disklaimer: If you flaim dis topix warlus powars will Warlus Intercourse deal wit yuo

Let majestic warlus in
... Wait

Im want to be a warlus
Let me in
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Let majestic warlus in
... Walt

Im want to be a warlus
Let me in

Denied not majestic warlus enough, although warlus.
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Damn it Ill have to make App seriously This is serious stuff

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Must ask if this place is still open for applications, absolute gem of a clan

The purple walrus clan is the original walrus clan!!!

we must never forget our arch rivals though the purple piranha's
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