Author Topic: Blockheads Abandon Thread- UPDATED  (Read 1280 times)

I'm learning how to use Anime Studio and made an abandon thread gif with Blockheads. OLD VERSION

New Version:

If you guys want me to add your avatars to the Gif, I'll replace the five defaults with your avatars. Just post here a side profile of your avatars, and I'll use the first five to be posted.
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this is really good

you should try and make it a perfect loop though

I made an improved version in the OP.

Thanks Reficul

oo looks pretty neat, i like it

I like it
Also do you mean forum avatars or in-game avatars

oh man if you are adding avatars i want to be a part of this

It was a much less rash way to break pecon7's rule, "Do not dress up like the boss".

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Both hands are the same color.

Alright, that's five. I'll get to work sometime soon.

waitwaitwait can I also join. my avatar is my forum avatar, but without the hat
instead a pointy helmet same color as the skin!