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So long story short, I've been writing a story and/or fanfic (it's in an official setting but involves 0 interactions with canon characters). They're in pretty rough-draft form right now, as in, so loving rough that they lack environmental detail. Also the subject matter is something that not a lot of people are very fond of.
I found one person who seemed interested. Told them about what I had so far, gave them some drafts to look over.
Unfortunately I failed to realize that one of the characters seemed suspiciously similar to them (both tourettes sufferers who spent some godawful times in mental hospitals)
to make a long story short, now there are 0 people who i can share the story with.

its late and im tired. sue me.

in retrospect this was a stupid thing to make a topic about.
@destroyerofblocks: no I couldn't, because the forums aren't very fond of the subject matter either.
locking now.
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Yeah, a few weeks ago I was at a party... or was it at school... I think it might have been at a party, actually... but I think it was last year, though not a few weeks ago... or was it last tuesday... ah forget it

you can always tell us

or if you hate yourself