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someone make a port for the mac plz. or is it even possible with the engine

Possible? Yes, but only with the source code, which only Badspot has.

Probable? Not really. Badspot didn't want to port it back in 2005 (nor did he have a mac back then) so I doubt he would want to port it now. Especially since AoT is almost ten years old and hasn't gotten a major update since 2006.

Your best bet would be to get something like this or this[non-free] and play it through that.

i wouldnt pester badspot to stop working on updates, plus his new game, to work on a mac port for a game he abandoned many many years ago

i'll make one in just a sec
just install winebottler and the ageoftime setup executable.
then launch AgeOfTime.exe from inside.
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