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Social Media Statistics

What it does
The mod obtains like/follower data from a specified Facebook or Twitter page and displays them as text prints on bricks. The mod is aimed at servers or people who have Twitter/Facebook pages they wish to advertise (In other words, get players to like you page by making them curious about wanting to see the counter increase, lol) That's pretty much it

Here's what you can do with it:

How it works
To view followers/likes in-game, you need to name print bricks with the wrench accordingly:
  • Name the bricks you want to show Facebook likes "fb1-9", 1 being the single unit, 2 being the tens, 3 being the hundreds and so on.
  • Name the bricks you want to show Twitter followers "tw1-9", 1 being the single unit and so on...

So for example, say you have 1,234 followers on twitter (you wish, lol). Name a print brick tw1 and it will display 4, name a print brick tw2 and it will display 3... You should get it by now I hope.

By default the mod gets data from the sites every 5 minutes, this can be changed with instructions below.

You can only use these if you're Super Admin.

To manually update the counters, type the command /smUpdate into chat.  

You can change a few preferences by using the following commands below
  • /smSetFacebook <pageID>  To set the Facebook page to monitor.
  • /smSetTwitter <pageID> To set the Twitter page to monitor.
Leave <pageID> blank to stop receiving data.

The IDs can be obtained from the following parts of the urls of your Facebook or Twitter pages:


By default the stats update every 5 minutes, to change this, update the variable $SM::TickRate through console, time is in milliseconds. Remember, Twitter and Facebook do have limits for the amount of updates you can do, so keep the number reasonable.

All these preferences are saved upon exit.

Required Add-Ons
  • Print_Letters_Default

Check out the prints I totally didn't just release for the purpose of this mod

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sometimes there's blockland related content on my twetter amongst all the cuteposting so sure, why not

non twitter/facebook club :(

otherwise this is a super cool thing

holy stuff

Nice job! Very interesting! Reminds of me Kalp's New Years party when he had that scrolling text, even though it's nothing like this.

I might include tumblr one day if I'm bothered

Very neat. Will be brown townyzing this.

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Holy loving stuff this is awesome!

I can see it now:

Any way this is an amazing add-on. Good work!

Question: If Twitter or Facebook make any major changes to their html code, will it effect this mod?

Question: If Twitter or Facebook make any major changes to their html code, will it effect this mod?
Why would it? The HTML of a website has nothing to do with this.

Question: If Twitter or Facebook make any major changes to their html code, will it effect this mod?
no, but if they change their API it will
API's for such large companies are typically backwards compatible, so that's extremely unlikely to happen

Well they might Change the way the API works so yeah it is possible this breaks... If I'm still around then I'd fix it anyway

The Twitter and Facebook APIs have been pretty much unchanged for years because there are so many things that depend on them. I doubt it's worth worrying about.

Actually recently twitter updated its API to 1.1 and made its old API obsolete, they made it so overly complicated requiring authentication and SSL (which Blockland doesn't even support) that I decided just to obtain follower count with the method the Twitter follow buttons use...

SSL and Authentication required to obtain follower count is ridiculous imo, I agree with it for obtaining tweets or personal information but for follower count that is public regardless?