Author Topic: Everyone keeps asking if my Moto 360 is the 'new Apple Watch'  (Read 840 times)

I've been counting, from the late end of March, about 9 random people have asked me if my Moto 360 (top) was the Apple Watch (bottom). I don't understand how my watch looks like the Apple Watch to people.

Blogland and all of that, but tell me I'm not the crazy one at least.

so its an apple watch

the circular design looks nice

Gosh, I annoys me how people are all over the apple watch when it's not that good and there were many, many smartwatches to come before it. Yet people still talk about how the Apple Watch is a gamechanger when IT"S NOT

but the apple watch is the only one of its kind!!!!
wtf is a smartwatch?!?!?!/1?!

did you hit them
"Is that a new Apple watch?"
"Why don't you take a closer look?"
*smacks them in the face with Moto 360*

Also, no one really notices my smartwatch, lol.

i wouldn't have been able to tell the difference either considering they both just look like watches with screens on them