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The third pack in the line of hats that Ive made, this pack contain 52 new hats making this the biggest hat pack to date.

NOTE: This pack uses JakeBlade and Boodals Hatmod addon to work. You need it for this pack to work proper: make sure you have it

NOTE: Be wary of having the "hat item" option on as this many hats at once may break your datablock limit. You can find the setting in the RTB server menu.

Here is a link to the older Hatmod topic with all the older hats.

Download the Pack Here (

Hat Previews (Click pictures for 3D model preview)


Download the Pack Here (

Special thanks to everyone who suggested ideas in the development topic.

If anything doesn't work, or you encounter a bug, please contact me and I will attempt to fix it.
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wheres that penor hat

you are the king of blockland now

Very nice!

But where are links to your other hat packs?

Very nice!

But where are links to your other hat packs?

Oh yeah.
I'll add those later.
Kinda busy atm.

w a nice hat pack

great work, i particularly like the TNT one. it's clever.

you aint really fuc kwit me way back then girl but how bout now??????

ravencroft better add these to his falling tiles

Good job these are awesome!