Author Topic: Hodot's BIG TDM - it's big  (Read 10495 times)

map is kinda difficult to navigate, having to hold space and all
other than that, it's neat

Looks cool! I'll have to try it sometime when I get a better graphics card...

Sick of being jealous of all you fancy people with your fancy strong computers than can run maps like these with little to no lag AND have shaders on >:C

Hey I downloaded every single required addon but it tells me I still need where do I get that?

Where do I find Sound_Blockland?

yeah i'm not sure what's going on with that. it used to not give me that error, and now it does, idk what happened. you'd think sound_blockland would come in the default game.

This gamemode looks great.

This gamemode looks great.

thanks babe <3

ALSO: for those having issues with "Sound_Blockland", here it is
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