Author Topic: ViperXX or whatever's crappy fantasy RP.  (Read 826 times)

Please excuse the lack of images as they're low quality and are blurry AF.

When browsing servers, i found Viper's Fantasy RP. i was expecting a half-assed medieval RP so i joined. Little did i know that there

When i asked them how the forget they could even exist, they banned me for being gay and asking questions they don't know the answer to.
They went on a rampage killing invisible people and spitting acid at me and some guy trying to RP seriously.

Moral of story: Don't join. Run.


what the forget

Yes because fantasy always equals medieval, and everything fiction is not considered fantasy.

Bro, fantasy doesn't always mean medieval, it can mean anything fiction as like giant tootsie rolls said. If you WANTED to go to a medieval fantasy RP, then join another server. Yes I understand that the name is misleading. But you're own disappointment doesn't mean that everyone is expecting that, or that people should stay away. Viper can host very nice RPs, at times.


belongs in you cringe you lose thread

OT: sure. but next time, actually post pictures.

Half Xenomorphs?????

I've been lied to......

Half Xenomorphs?????

I've been lied to......

was this worth the bump